The Aqua Pure Traveller Water Filter Bottle


The Aquapure Traveller is a high performance personal water purification system that is designed for those who may find themselves in places where water quality is dubious or even dangerous.


Simply fill the bottle and you can safely drink the water immediately!


Ideal for walking, trekking, cycling, camping, fishing and outdoor sports. The easiest way to create safe drinking water, with a natural colour and without a taste or odour.

*Not For Use On Sea/Salt Water.

*Easy to use
*Convenient and compact
*Produces up to 350 litres of safe drinking water
*No taste or odour
*Kills bacteria and viruses

*Pathogens (including Giardia & Cryptosporidium)
*Chemicals (including VOC’s, SOCs)
*Heavy metals
*Faecal matter
*Bad tastes & odours

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