Tick Twister

Tick Twister


If you live, work or play in any area where ticks live, you could be at risk for contracting diseases such as Lyme Disease.  Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, playing outdoor sports, and gardening could bring you, your family and/or your pets in contact with ticks.  Tick Twister® is the most efficient set of tick removal tools for removing ticks, any location on people and animals such as dogs, cats and horses:

  • without leaving the mouth-parts of the tick implanted in the skin
  • without compressing the abdomen of the tick, minimizing the transfer of infectious agents (Lyme disease, Babesiosis, etc.)
  • without ether or other products
  • in a few seconds, without pain

Keep a Tick Twister® pack in your house, your car, your backpack, tackle box and your emergency kit – anywhere you might need it. It’s so small, you can even carry one in your pocket!

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